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Freight Logistics Brokerage Services: The Benefits for Shippers That Need Optimization

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Matthew Schore
Freight Brokerage Services

Technological advances are supposed to make our lives easier. But today, there’s so much digital noise. It seems as if information is coming at us from every direction and every device. Even refrigerators now can tell you when the milk is about to expire.

In business, you must find a way to separate the meat of the matter from the gravy. A shipper can have a whole lot of pots simmering at the same time. Technology can help make sure nothing burns. Optimizing that technology with a trusted transportation management provider can be the recipe for success.

The Challenges of Self-Managed Freight Logistics

Shippers need to focus on their secret sauce, what sets their product apart from all the others on retailers’ shelves. Finding carriers, determining rates, tracking freight, invoicing, and collecting payment distracts shippers from the meat of their business. Think of a high-tech, full-service freight brokerage like a butcher shop, one that can cut the fat and deliver a Grade A product.

Of course, optimal freight management is much more difficult than hacking off a gnarly bone. Expert freight management, as provided by A.N. Webber Logistics, includes:

  • Shipment price-lock guarantee, transparent pricing with no surprises.
  • Responsible carrier vetting, a 21-point checklist that safeguards customers’ freight with top-tier carriers.
  • Comprehensive shipping solutions with options ranging from short-haul to LTL to oversized.
  • High-level communication that keeps shippers informed with clear, timely updates on every shipment.
  • Real-time visibility so shippers are never in the dark as to the location of their freight.
  • Experienced guidance from a team with decades of experience moving freight.
  • Personalized attention guarantees high-level support through every stage of every load.

The Strategic Advantage of Freight Brokers in Optimization

The freight brokerage industry is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.35% between 2024 and 2029, according to Mordor Intelligence. A freight broker’s optimization of technology – separating the meat from the fat, let’s say – can set it apart from all the other players in the field. Both the freight brokerage and the shipper can grow their businesses exponentially through that optimization.

A top-notch freight brokerage, like A.N. Webber, offers clients:

  • Deep market knowledge and network access. A.N. Webber has been providing logistics services for most of the 21st century and its technology has advanced with the times. Its extensive carrier network contributes to optimized logistics solutions for its customers.
  • Tailored solutions for specialized needs. A true logistics partner, like A.N. Webber, must meet shippers’ every need, whether that’s shipping by dry van, flatbed, or less-than-truckload; whether that freight is temperature-controlled or expedited; and whether additional services like warehousing and distribution are required.
  • Streamlined operations and reduced costs. A technologically advanced freight broker, like A.N. Webber, can utilize its optimized freight management solutions to streamline shippers’ operations and thus cut the cost of getting their products to the end customers.
  • Reliability and efficiency. A lost or late load can end a relationship between a shipper and a freight broker. A dependable freight broker, like A.N. Webber, has an arsenal of tech tools to ensure shipments are delivered where and when they’re supposed to.

A.N. Webber’s Fully Stocked Pantry

A.N. Webber has a pantry full of ingredients that, when combined, produce a world-class freight management experience for its customers. But perhaps its secret sauce is its commitment to setting a new standard in communication within the freight industry through optimized technology.

Using state-of-the-art technology, A.N. Webber can share real-time information on every shipment and provide proactive solutions to address any issues before they escalate and ruin everything.

A.N. Webber began as a truckload carrier in 1947 and expanded in 2005 to share its expertise in logistics. Today, A.N. Webber, headquartered in Kankakee, Illinois, operates in the 48 contiguous U.S. states as well as Canada and Mexico. In addition to its logistics expertise and state-of-the-art tech stack, A.N. Webber’s offerings include catered rates, operational know-how, a fleet of newer-model Peterbilt trucks, and 750,000 square feet of warehousing space just off Interstate 57 south of Chicago.

Today, we’re bombarded with information from our laptops, tablets, and cellphones – and even our refrigerators. Shippers can distill all that data down to the essential nuggets by enlisting A.N. Webber Logistics to utilize its optimized technology to handle every shipment at every step of its journey.

To begin that journey, A.N. Webber offers automated shipping rate quotes. Get started here.


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Shipping Solutions for Every Need

Each solution is designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring efficient, reliable freight management no matter the size or scope of your operation.

Dry Van

Ideal for an extensive range of freight types, our dry vans ensure a blend of versatility and protection against the elements.

Less Than Truckload

Our LTL services provide cost-effective solutions for shipping smaller freight loads. With careful planning and execution, we make sure your smaller shipments are delivered efficiently and economically.

Flatbed & Open Deck

Specialized loads require specialized solutions. Our flatbed services are perfect for oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. We provide the right equipment and expertise to ensure your cargo's safe and secure transit.

Dedicated Services

Ensure your cargo always has the capacity and equipment it needs with our dedicated shipping services. We offer dedicated fleets and drivers, guaranteeing consistent, uninterrupted service.

Refrigerated & Temp-Controlled

Ensure your temperature-sensitive cargo maintains the right conditions throughout its entire journey.


Explore your intermodal options as we handle the logistics for smoother shipments.

Expedited & Hotshot

Our expedited shipping solution delivers speed and reliability for time-sensitive freight. With precision scheduling and real-time tracking, we minimize transit times, getting your cargo where it needs to be—fast.

Warehousing & Distribution

Optimize your supply chain with our comprehensive warehousing and distribution services. From storage to inventory management, order fulfillment to delivery, we cover all your needs for end-to-end supply chain efficiency.


Streamline your supply chain with A.N. Webber Logistics in control, starting at the terminal.

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