Intermodal Shipping

    Explore your intermodal options as we handle the logistics for smoother shipments.

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    Intermodal Shipping Shouldn’t Be So Hard

    Intermodal shipping involves the coordination of many moving pieces that can get in the way of logistics efficiency.

    • Complex Scheduling

      Coordinating intermodal schedules without a unified system or a logistics expert can lead to inefficiencies and longer total transit times.

    • Equipment Availability

      Finding containers, managing specialized needs, and securing capacity can be difficult without a logistics provider's network of resources.

    • Visibility and Tracking

      Real-time tracking is more difficult to bridge across different modes of transportation, and the lack of visibility can compound delays or other problems.

    Experience the
    A.N. Webber Logistics Intermodal Advantage

    We navigate the space between modes, helping your supply chain run smoother with greater visibility and efficiency. Your added advantage is how we go the extra mile.


    We always look for the best-fitting solution, which often means a completely tailored solution. This helps our customers live up to their customers’ expectations—for speed, reliability, agility, or anything else.

    Bridging Your
    Logistics Needs

    Instead of handling each mode individually, get one partner who can handle the complete picture. When we handle your intermodal shipping, everything is connected for better efficiency.


    Having experts on your side not only helps you navigate every twist and turn your shipping encounters but also helps you find the best opportunities, like slight changes that can have a big impact.

    What You Need, When You Need It

    Routing & Scheduling
    Shipment Tracking

    Begin Your Journey with A.N. Webber Logistics

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    Schedule a one-on-one call with an
    A.N. Webber Logistics professional to discuss your unique shipping needs
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    Send over a load and witness
    firsthand the A.N. Webber Logistics difference in efficiency and care.
    Step 3:
    Enjoy peace of mind, enhanced
    success, and wrap-up of your
    workday, confident that your freight
    is in the most capable hands.

      "A.N. Webber Logistics is synonymous with trust and integrity. We’ve had poor experiences with other brokers - inconsistent pricing, unreliable carriers - but with A.N. Webber Logistics, they don't shy away from challenges and have proven themselves time and time again. They’re very customer-focused and responsive. Their partnership is definitely one we can count on.”

      Dennis Spitler
      AO Smith

      “A.N. Webber Logistics brings reliability and consistency on specific jobs; this helps us move faster with less headaches. They partner with good independent drivers that offer great service and represent Harris Rebar well. We rarely have any issues, but if something does arise, their carriers take responsibility and help us solve the problem. We love that A.N. Webber Logistics is large enough to provide all of the services and resources we need, but small enough to have a personal touch and local presence. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with them.”

      Jerome Warner
      Harris Rebar
      (800) 939-9456

      2150 US-45 Kankakee, IL 60901

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