Trust Your Transportation Partner: Safeguarding Your Cargo and Supply Chain

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Matthew Schore

The recent surge in cargo theft incidents, as highlighted in a concerning article, should serve as a stark reminder of the critical importance of trust in the relationship between businesses and their transportation partners. In an environment where cargo theft is on the rise, often coupled with cyber scams and identity theft, the need for a reliable and trustworthy partnership cannot be overstated. This blog delves into why businesses need to trust their transportation partners and the implications of not doing so.

Cargo Theft Trends in 2023

The article underscores a worrisome trend in cargo theft. Asper the report, cargo theft is climbing, with an increasing number of cities in the United States being targeted. Food and beverage products have emerged as the top targets for freight theft in 2023, with an average loss of $214,000 per theft incident. These facts alone should be enough to raise concerns among businesses that rely on the smooth movement of goods through their supply chains.

Further, "Freight theft continued to climb in the third quarter, posting a 59% increase over the same period last year to 692 events across the United States and Canada that totaled over $31.1 million in shipments, according to stats from CargoNet.

The Unpredictability of Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is not only financially damaging; it also disrupts supply chains, exacerbating the existing issues of inflation and supply chain disruptions. A reliable transportation partner can provide some stability by implementing robust security measures and ensuring that cargo is protected throughout the supply chain. Trust is the foundation on which this protection is built.

The Spread of Cargo Theft

While cargo theft has historically been a concern in major cities like Los Angeles, what's alarming is the expanding threat into the interior of the United States. Cities like Memphis and Chicago, often considered inland ports due to their heavy rail connections and dense populations, have seen a notable increase in cargo theft incidents. This geographical expansion emphasizes the need for vigilance and trustworthy transportation partners even in areas not traditionally considered high-risk.

The Cyber Threat in Cargo Theft

Beyond physical theft, the article highlights the growing use of cyber scams and identity theft in cargo theft incidents. Criminals are increasingly adopting sophisticated tactics, including creating fictitious pickups. These cyber threats are challenging to combat without the support of transportation partners who prioritize cybersecurity and adopt technology-driven security measures.

The Economic Impact of Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is not merely a logistical problem; it has significant economic consequences. The FBI estimates that cargo theft costs trucking companies and retailers between $15 billion to $30 billion annually. The financial implications of cargo theft contribute to supply chain disruptions and ultimately result in increased costs for consumers.

Choosing Trustworthy Transportation Partners

In response to the rising cargo theft incidents, transportation partners need to be chosen carefully. Trustworthy partners are more likely to have security measures in place to protect cargo. They adhere to regulations, reducing the risk of legal complications. Their transparency in pricing helps businesses plan their budgets more effectively.

Trusting Your Transportation Partner: A Long-Term Investment

Trust is not a one-time consideration but a long-term investment. Businesses that establish trust with their transportation partners are more likely to foster enduring relationships that benefit both parties. Reliable partners are more inclined to go the extra mile to meet the unique needs of their clients, ensuring the smooth operation of the supply chain.


In a world where businesses rely on the timely and secure movement of goods, trust is the bedrock upon which supply chains are built. Trustworthy transportation partners not only protect cargo but also minimize disruptions, enhance cybersecurity, and comply with regulations. As the landscape of cargo theft evolves, businesses must prioritize trust in their transportation partnerships to safeguard their cargo, maintain their reputation, and ensure the efficient flow of goods. Trust is not merely a luxury; it's a necessity in the logistics and transportation industry, where the consequences of cargo theft can be both financially and operationally devastating.

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