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Dry Van Services: An Introduction to the Most Widely Available Trucking Option

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Matthew Schore
Dry Van

If you rely on or operate in the trucking and logistics industry, chances are that you have bought dry van capacity. Dry van services — the most common and readily available trucking solutions — entail transporting cargo in an enclosed, often rectangular trailer. This is a fundamental service In logistics and freight.

Because of its size, height, and length, dry van shipping is convenient for most cargo, whether perishable or non-perishable. Though some loads might require customized beds, you will find that dry vans are efficient and effective for moving cargo anywhere. This article presents the basics of dry van services, why they’re important in various industries, and key considerations when choosing a dry van service provider.

Why More Shippers Choose Dry Van Services

The cargo's nature, type, and size will often determine the shipping solution needed to meet your needs. Because dry van shipping is so common and versatile, you can almost always expect your cargo to fit. That’s only one reason why shippers use dry van services. Here are more:

  • Security: A dry van trailer helps protect the cargo from vandalism, theft, or damage. The enclosed ends also help keep the cargo in place.
  • Protection from the elements: Dry van service's enclosed nature is ideal for protecting cargo from snow, rain, wind, dust, or any other element Mother Nature presents.
  • Versatility: Dry vans offer flexibility to transport different cargo types and sizes with little modification. This allows shippers to enjoy a seamless operation without worrying about additional costs or work to accommodate their shipments.
  • Ease of loading and unloading: Dry vans are sturdy and provide easy access to vast quantities of smaller cargo or a large single piece.
  • Cost Effectiveness and Availability: Dry van service is readily available and more affordable than other trucking options that require additional service charges.

Spectrum of Dry Van Services

Although the dry van service is common and readily available, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Some cargo might require temperature control or other customization. Here are the major categories of dry van service.

Standard Dry Van Service

The trailer is usually of typical size with this dry van service without additional modifications: 48—to 53 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 9 feet tall. This dry van service usually covers non-perishable cargo, such as consumer package goods, electronics, clothing, furniture, cosmetics, and toiletries, to name a few.

Temperature-Controlled Dry Van Service

Temperature-controlled dry van service is typically used to maintain the quality and freshness or efficacy of perishables that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Examples include fresh fruits and vegetables, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products. Two types of dry vans are used to accommodate temperature control: Refrigerated units and insulated dry vans.

  • Refrigerated Units: “Reefers” provide a cooling unit and sensor technology that help shippers and drivers ensure the temperature remains within product-specific temperature ranges throughout the journey.
  • Insulated Dry Van: This dry van service does not include a refrigerated unit but relies on insulated walls to help control temperatures.

Time-sensitive Dry van Service

When cargo must reach a particular destination within a limited time, dry van service is an effective option because shippers can plan a dedicated route with minimal or no stops and, in some cases, use a team of drivers who switch at intervals to keep the truck on schedule.

A.N. Webber Dry Van Service Offerings

We take pride in being the go-to freight and logistics company for anyone needing dry van service to transport cargo efficiently anywhere in the country. Our dedicated fleet offers the following dry van services:

  • Dry Van Shipping: This is our standard dry van service, and it ensures the hassle-free, safe, and efficient transportation of your cargo from source to destination.
  • Refrigerated and Temperature-controlled Shipping: We leverage our expertise to provide unrivaled reefer shipping operations that ensure your cargo arrives at its destination in the proper condition.
  • Expedited and Hotshot: Sometimes, your freight can’t afford to wait, and we get it. Our time-sensitive shipping operation leverages our 24/7 support team and a team of experts, including the drivers, to ensure your cargo arrives on time and at the right place.

Key Considerations When Selecting a Dry Van Service Provider

Without a doubt, dry van shipping has some excellent benefits. This makes it the go-to option when selecting a cargo service. However, Here are some factors to consider when choosing a dry van service provider.


Cargo is valuable, some more than others. Regardless, you don’t want anything to go wrong that would result in damage, loss, or sometimes a total failure to deliver. Your reputation is at stake. Look for a dry van service provider with ample industry experience and a reputation for consistently delivering on time and in full. This way, you are 100% sure your cargo is in good hands.

Coverage Area

Some dry van service providers lack the resources and reach to service certain destinations. They will often take your cargo and hand it off to other carriers when they reach their coverage limit. This creates confusion, puts the cargo at risk for damage or theft, and often impacts the transparency of the operation. You want to partner with a dry van service provider who has the infrastructure and resources to cover the areas you need to reach.

Capacity and Availability

Imagine transporting 10,000 cartons of a cosmetic product, and the dry van service provider does not have the capacity or resources to take it all at once. They will often transport the cargo in batches. Of course, with this approach, you can expect delays, poor transparency, and confusion in the process. To counter this, always partner with a provider who has the requisite capacity and resources to take your product to its destination without hassle.

Technology Integration

Modern logistics management and freight transportation have embraced technology to ensure the safety of the trucks and cargo, but more importantly, it fosters transparency in the overall process. Technology like telematics and GPS ensure you are always up-to-date with your cargo. It makes sense to partner with a carrier or provider with tech integrations to provide data visibility related to your cargo throughout the journey.

Safety and Compliance

Adhering to regulations is an increasingly important aspect of shipping. With the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Department of Transportation clamping down on offenders, you want a dry van service provider that takes compliance and the safety of its trucks, drivers, and cargo seriously. Failure to ensure this can jeopardize your operation and cause supply chain disruptions.

Why A.N Webber is Your Preferred Dry Van Service Provider

We are confident in our ability, having close to two decades of experience in the logistics and freight industry. However, it's not just talk. Our roots were born in trucking, and after almost 20 years, our records and reputation for consistently delivering speak for us, even in volatile times.

You can always expect quality and satisfaction from us. We have fitted the best technology and equipped our team with the training and resources to ensure your cargo is well cared for. If you are having issues tracking or getting any information you need, we have a 24/7 customer support team that will attend to you if you call them.

The Benefits of Partnering with A.N. Webber for Dry Van Services

When you partner with A.N. Webber Logistics, you can rest assured that this isn’t our first rodeo. Our clients through the years can attest to the benefits of our dry van services, which have helped them through varied market conditions. With unfavorable freight forecasts in 2024, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Operational Efficiency: Our logistics and freight operations are efficient, seamless, and streamlined. It's intentional on our part.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our operations will save you time, and our resources and nationwide network provide cost-effective transportation — there are no hidden fees or fluctuations in transportation and contract rates.
  • National Coverage: We cover the entire nation from the furthest east to the furthest west and from the furthest north to the furthest south. You can expect us to get your cargo to its destination in a transparent operation, in good condition, and without delays.
  • Versatility and Efficiency: Our dry van service offerings are as versatile as they are efficient. No matter the type or nature of the cargo, we have the infrastructure and resources to transport it effectively and under the right conditions.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who live and breathe logistics operations. Our goal is to eliminate the stress associated with freight and logistics.

Only the Right Partner Will Give You The Ultimate Dry Van Service Experience

This article explained the concept of dry van service, why it is crucial to get it right, and how to do so. It is about choosing the right service provider with a market reputation that guarantees a great coverage area, safety and compliance, and tech integration.

You don’t have to look beyond A.N. Webber because we have all that and more. With close to 20 years of trucking around the country, we have what it takes to give you the best dry van service and experience. Check out our shipping solutions to get started. We have a dry van service offering that will take care of all your needs.


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