Solutions for the Hazardous Materials & Chemicals Industry

A.N. Webber Logistics is your trusted partner for safe, compliant, and efficient transportation of hazardous materials and chemicals.

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Trusted by Leading Hazardous Materials & Chemicals Companies

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    Chemical Shipping Shouldn’t Be So Hard

    A.N. Webber Logistics provides specialized and integrated solutions for transporting chemicals, plastics, and hazardous materials. Our vast network and detailed understanding of regulatory requirements ensure we deliver the best logistics solutions for your specific needs, whether you're shipping domestically or across the border to Mexico and Canada.

    • Lack of Comprehensive Freight Services

      Our services cover a wide range of needs for the chemical and hazardous materials industry including dry van, LTL, temp-controlled, warehousing & distribution, and more.

    • Communication Gaps

      Murky exchanges with brokers leave you in the dark, wasting time and increasing frustration. You deserve a partner who communicates early and often, keeping you informed and in control.

    • Limited Visibility

      The inability to track freight makes it impossible to make informed decisions. You deserve real-time visibility so you can adapt to changes confidently.

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    A.N. Webber Logistics: Your All-In-One Chemical Logistics Solution

    At A.N. Webber Logistics, we are committed to building long-lasting relationships with companies that ship chemicals and hazardous materials. We offer:


    End-to-end visibility and streamlined communication ensure data and information can be updated and shared quickly and easily.


    Our team of experts in the chemical industry guides your decision-making and ensures all priorities are met in accordance with your sustainability goals.


    We are a partner you can rely on under any circumstances to secure the value of your product.


    We ensure strict adherence to domestic and international regulations governing transporting hazardous materials and chemicals.

    Specialized Carrier Networks

    We connect you with specialized carriers certified to handle hazardous materials and chemicals.

    Risk Management

    We handle insurance, claims, and provide guidance on safety protocols and emergency response procedures.

    Documentation and Labeling

    We assist with preparing shipping papers, safety data sheets, and labels to prevent delays or fines due to non-compliance.

    Training and Consultation

    We offer guidance on packing, handling, and documentation requirements, as well as updates on regulatory changes.

    Warehousing and Storage

    We provide safe storage and warehousing for hazardous materials and chemicals, adhering to stringent safety and environmental standards.

    Supply Chain Visibility

    Our advanced technology offers real-time tracking and analytics for shipments, ensuring transparency and enabling efficient inventory management and deliveries.

    Customs Clearance

    We handle the customs clearance process for international shipments, ensuring compliance with all import/export regulations related to hazardous materials.

    Emergency Response

    We manage and execute emergency response plans in case of incidents during transit, further enhancing the safety of hazardous materials transportation.

    Handling a Variety of Chemicals & Hazardous Materials

    • Acids
    • Detergents
    • Dyes, Paper & Textile
    • Fertilizer
    • Optical Brighteners
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Agricultural Chemicals
    • Paints
    • Paper Treatment
    • Poisons
    • Plastic Resins
    • Flammable Materials
    • Temperature-Controlled Substances

    Other Industries Served by A.N. Webber Logistics

    Shipping Solutions for Every Need

    Each solution is designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring efficient, reliable freight management no matter the size or scope of your operation.

    Dry Van

    Ideal for an extensive range of freight types, our dry vans ensure a blend of versatility and protection against the elements.

    Less Than Truckload

    Our LTL services provide cost-effective solutions for shipping smaller freight loads. With careful planning and execution, we make sure your smaller shipments are delivered efficiently and economically.

    Flatbed & Open Deck

    Specialized loads require specialized solutions. Our flatbed services are perfect for oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. We provide the right equipment and expertise to ensure your cargo's safe and secure transit.

    Dedicated Services

    Ensure your cargo always has the capacity and equipment it needs with our dedicated shipping services. We offer dedicated fleets and drivers, guaranteeing consistent, uninterrupted service.

    Refrigerated & Temp-Controlled

    Ensure your temperature-sensitive cargo maintains the right conditions throughout its entire journey.


    Explore your intermodal options as we handle the logistics for smoother shipments.

    Expedited & Hotshot

    Our expedited shipping solution delivers speed and reliability for time-sensitive freight. With precision scheduling and real-time tracking, we minimize transit times, getting your cargo where it needs to be—fast.

    Warehousing & Distribution

    Optimize your supply chain with our comprehensive warehousing and distribution services. From storage to inventory management, order fulfillment to delivery, we cover all your needs for end-to-end supply chain efficiency.


    Streamline your supply chain with A.N. Webber Logistics in control, starting at the terminal.

    The Plan: Getting Started with A.N. Webber Logistics

    Step 1:
    Schedule a call with an A.N. Webber Logistics professional
    Step 2:
    Send over a load to experience the A.N. Webber Logistics difference
    Step 3:
    Sit back and enjoy a job well done, knowing your freight is in good hands

      "A.N. Webber Logistics is synonymous with trust and integrity. We’ve had poor experiences with other brokers - inconsistent pricing, unreliable carriers - but with A.N. Webber Logistics, they don't shy away from challenges and have proven themselves time and time again. They’re very customer-focused and responsive. Their partnership is definitely one we can count on.”

      Dennis Spitler
      AO Smith

      “A.N. Webber Logistics brings reliability and consistency on specific jobs; this helps us move faster with less headaches. They partner with good independent drivers that offer great service and represent Harris Rebar well. We rarely have any issues, but if something does arise, their carriers take responsibility and help us solve the problem. We love that A.N. Webber Logistics is large enough to provide all of the services and resources we need, but small enough to have a personal touch and local presence. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with them.”

      Jerome Warner
      Harris Rebar
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